• Brace yourself data selection, industrialization is coming!

    <h1 id="brace-yourself-data-selection-industrialization-is-coming">Brace yourself data selection, industrialization is coming!</h1>

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  • From python to Go to Rust: an opinionated journey

    When looking for a new backend language, I naturally went from Python to the new cool kid: Go. But after only one week of Go, I realised that Go was only half of a progress. Better suited to my needs than Python, but too far away from the developer experience I was enjoying when doing Elm in the frontend. So I gave Rust a try.

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  • Chaining HTTP requests in Elm

    Sometimes in Elm you struggle with the most basic things. Especially when you come from a JavaScript background, where chaining HTTP requests are relatively easy thanks to Promises or async/await.

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  • Simple disk encryption tutorial with archlinux

    Here at AlloMedia, for security reasons, we're encrypting every laptop disk by default. As I'm using archlinux, I went to the wiki to follow how to "just" encrypt my disk. And well, the page is a little bit overcrowded, at the very least. Let's clarify that a little bit.

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  • Reduce and the Ferris wheel metaphor

    I recently had to introduce some Elm concepts to a coworker who had some experience with React and Redux. One of these concepts was List.foldl, a reduction function which exists in many languages, specifically as Array#reduce in JavaScript.

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